Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Styled ..

I feel like I should issue a warning to all you prospective brides out there ..

As a subscriber to several Wedding Blog sites, I find I'm constantly being invited to view various "beautiful styled shoots" and "delightful summer/spring/winter (delete depending on the time of year you're reading this ..) styled Wedding shoots" .. and I shake my head and sigh ..

The clue is in the words. They're 'Styled Shoots' .. not real Weddings! All those lovely photographs are from specifically organised photo-sessions involving models, stylists and suppliers fussing over their products to make sure they're seen in the best light. They're unrushed and shot on sunny days without one single pesky guest wandering through the background ..

So I'm just saying, next time you like the look of a particular photographer's work, check out their 'real' weddings as well. Make sure they can handle the required speed, pressure and pace of a 'real' Wedding, when it might be raining, when 15 minutes might be all they get to shoot everything and when the bride and groom aren't sophisticated models but two delighted people who just want to meet their guests and get on with their Big Day ..

Just saying ..

Monday, 14 August 2017

Winding down ..

My Mum .. in two photographs taken exactly 40 years apart .. the earlier shot at my childhood home in Eccles in 1977, and the colour shot taken when she visited our place in France last month. There she is, snoozing in a sun-lounger, open book in her lap. How lovely to see that some things never change ..

There's a lot that's changing chez moi though and, if you could see the house, you'd see what a tip it is as Lesley and I go through all the stuff we need to take to France. The move date's getting nearer and the excitement is mounting. Photographic work, by necessity, is dwindling of course, with only one Wedding and three PR jobs left on the books. But winding down? With the move on the horizon I've never been busier. If only I could have a snooze in a sun-lounger!..

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

One more time ..

One more, and that's it! I have just one more Wedding to photograph in the UK ..

You don't know how weird it is for me to say that. Normally I'd have bookings into Autumn and over Christmas, but not this year. This year I'll be spending that time moving over to France and setting up my French Wedding Photography business, and that's fantastic and very exciting but it sure is weird to think I'll have nothing else to shoot in England after August. Having said that, I'm not burning my bridges, and will happily nip back to England should anyone fancy me as their Wedding Photographer in the future. So, who knows? All those halls, all those venues, all the vicars and their churches, all those registry offices, every place I've ever photographed a Wedding in the UK, all that experience .. I just might be back to work here again next year.
Just £1,350 all in. Interested?..

Thursday, 3 August 2017

All smiles ..

My studio used to be in a shopping mall above our local Sainsbury's supermarket. Today, exactly one year and three days since I closed it, I got a phone-call from a lady who wanted me to photograph her dog ..

"I'm afraid I've closed the studio down .." I said.
"Oh, have you?", she said "I don't go up there very often" ..
Folks, I almost cracked a smile ..

Anyway, none of this moping about the past .. it's all about the future now, with tomorrow's Wedding in Liverpool being at the forefront of my mind. It's the first Wedding I'll have shot in Liverpool for .. well, I can't even remember, it's been so long. It's a nice challenging one as well, with only an hour to shoot the photographs after the ceremony .. just the sort of adrenalin rush I thrive on.

Folks, I definitely will be smiling ..

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Weeks ..

And that was that! Two weeks in France, and they went in a flash. Much like the sunflowers covering the fields around our house, already gone over and looking rather sorry for themselves. What a great two weeks, though. I've got lots more work done on the house, have met and greeted three more new sets of holidaymakers at the gîte and had a shoot at another gîte nearby.
In fact, I've been so busy I need a holiday ..

Not much chance of that, of course. I've been busy editing a Wedding I shot just before I went away, and am gearing up for this Friday's Wedding over in Liverpool. I only have one more Wedding to shoot in the UK later this month and then that's me done .. it'll be time to pack all our worldlies and head over to France full time ..

Just weeks left. Can't wait .. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

F16s and Piebald Cobs ..

Just in case you needed to know what my weekend involved ..

A very nice Wedding Day at Hollin Hall Hotel .. replete with Chocolate Lab and Piebald Cob .. and my annual pilgrimage to all that is air-based and smells of jet fuel .. the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. The horse behaved, the dog did its best to behave and the weather 'darn sarf' behaved until 5.20pm .. so all in all a damned fine weekend ..

Just the 1,479 images to edit now ..

Friday, 14 July 2017

Keepers ..

Well, bugger me, I've only gone and found it! There's something to be said for going through all your old stuff before moving house. Look what's turned up from May 21st 1994 ..

Yes, way back in the mists of time I got an exclusive photo-shoot with Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester United had won the Treble. That's the FA Cup, The Premiership and the Charity Shield. I can't remember if I set up at the Old Trafford Museum or The Cliff - the team's old training ground - (It looks like the Museum) but I was the only photographer given access for the shot. It was used in the Manchester Evening News and then sold to The Sun for their next day's paper and, by the way, it's not your eyes .. the register was out during the printing so it looks like a poor 3D attempt!..

But why the excitement? Well, I never got a print of the picture to include in my portfolio, and then the MEN very stupidly threw away all our negatives during a move from their Deansgate offices. I thought the shot was gone forever ..

Speaking of The Cliff, there's another belter that turned up during my tidy-up .. Roy Keane's signing for Man U there in July 1993. I was the only photographer allowed in for this shot, too, and I remember shaking his hand and wishing him well after the shoot. (I think he did ok after my chirpy encouragement!) Blimey, he was 21 then, and he sold for a "staggering" £3.75m !! ..

You'll notice I said I was "going through" all my old stuff, as opposed to "throwing out" all my old stuff. Oh yes, you can be sure .. this stuff is for keeps! ..