Tuesday, 21 March 2017

That's it, I'm done ..

Lovely catch-up with an old mucker this morning, and we both felt truly at home amongst the old folk having coffee at a local garden centre! Man, how the years fly. He's been a photographer even longer than I have! We reminisced about the 'old days' - he shot The Ramones and Blondie - and we talked about the future of professional photography. We both acknowledged there isn't one! As excellent a photographer as he is - and, dare I say, I am - we both see our bookings declining .. with no way back. Technology has done for us and I for one have finally come to terms with that and have given up fighting it ..

So today, no PR job or Wedding editing (Wediting!) .. instead coffee and cake and a nice stroll amongst the camellia in my garden. My photographic future lies elsewhere, and I cannot wait to tell you about it ..

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mad for it ..

Down to The Photography Show at Birmingham's NEC yesterday for a talk by renowned photographer Albert Watson, who's still clicking away at the grand old age of 74. I take that as a good sign for my own future, as I found myself nodding vigorously when he described his love of photography not as a passion .. but an obsession. Me too! I'm mad for it! Like, totes baby, totes ..

Ps: As a follow-on from Friday's blog, I'm pleased to tell you that I did get Albert's autograph! 

Friday, 17 March 2017

Sign here ..

I've been in Photography heaven lately (Am I ever out of it?) ..

BBC Four has been running a 'Photography' series, with a particularly good night last night featuring a fantastic look back at some of the Beeb's programmes about famous photographers. (It's on catch-up if you fancy it). I've met quite a few famous snappers in my time, including Elliott Erwitt, David Bailey and Mary Ellen Mark, but one of my most enjoyable encounters was with the late, great André Kertesz, who I met on the occasion of his 90th birthday. He was an absolute delight, and I look back with warmth at the autograph he gave me after I'd taken his photograph. It's so fantastic to meet the people who actually took some of your favourite photographs. Tomorrow I'm off to hear a talk by Albert Watson. Hopefully he'll add his scribble to my ever-growing autograph book ..

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Follow me .. I'm not lost!

I've just been asked if I'd mind being followed around by a 16 year old girl. Hey, it's been along time since that's happened. However, this youngster is an Austrian photography student, who'll be spending some time over here in the summer. One of my contacts has asked if she could shadow me for a while and of course I don't mind in the slightest, as long as it doesn't look like she's there to take care of her grandad ..

Teaching photography will be one of the things on which I'll be focusing (ha ha!) at our French gîte. I'm offering a one-day workshop, covering the basics of that magical being called photography, and am delighted to say I already have two bookings later this year.

It's going to mark a major change in my life ...........................!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Getting my fix ..

I've had a fantastic weekend, with a Wedding on Saturday and a Wedding Fayre on Sunday. I actually had to leave a photograph of myself on the sideboard so that Lesley would remember what I looked like ..

Saturday was fab, with the Wedding of Jane and Christian in Winsford and a reception at the delicious Willington Hall near Chester. I love this intimate little moment as the newly-weds emerged from the church. Many congrats, you two ..

Sunday was spent at Hollin Hall, where I had a stand at their Wedding Fayre. I spoke to lots of lovely new brides and have my fingers crossed I'll be shooting for at least a couple of them very soon ..

There's now a break in my bookings until next month, so it's just as well I got a good Wedding 'fix' when I could ..

Friday, 10 March 2017

It'll all come out in the wash ..

I don't know why, but this photograph of mine has always pleased me. It was shot in a launderette in my home town of Eccles in about 1977. Perhaps it's the repetition or the pattern, or the humour of the three trolleys queueing to be used but, for me, it just 'works' as a photograph. I'm in the process of designing a one-day photography workshop, which I will offer to clients staying at our gîte in France, and I'm trying to get to grips with teaching the concept of the 'photographer's eye' - that ability to just see/feel when a photograph is right. I think I might be wasting my time, as I feel it's a skill that is innate, and can't be taught. Still, if I can't teach it, perhaps I can awaken it in people who have never before given it any thought. It'll all come out in the wash ..

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

You read it here ..

The fantastic news yesterday was that I've been booked to give a reading of my book to a children's Book Club. Crikey, that's three 'books' in one sentence. Am I really cut out for this authoring mullarkey? I'm really excited. It'll be the first chance I'll have had to run my story past real kids, and I'm dying to know what they think of it. I obviously have a lot of faith in it but it just needs that one lucky break to get it moving ..

To put my photography head back on for a minute .. I also got a call yesterday from the PR company for whom I shot the food that I featured in yesterday's blog. They've got a new job for me. This time I'll be photographing .. Industrial Pressure Washers. You can't say there's no variety in this job. You read it here ..