Monday, 15 May 2017

What a load of rubbish ..

No, I'm not talking about the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact, dare I say it, I thoroughly enjoyed the programme this year, and thought our entry was pretty damned fine, with a great performance by Lucie Jones. Indeed, I feel a strange urge to learn to yodel .. 

I'm actually talking litter. I just can't believe how much there is in the UK. The first thing I noticed when I came out of the door of Manchester Airport last week was all the litter lying around and, within 24 hours, I'd seen two separate incidents of people throwing rubbish from their car windows.

Where is your pride, people? Where is your consideration for your fellow citizen?
My archive shot today is from about 1979. Nothing changes, eh?..

Saturday, 13 May 2017

That's so 1997 ..

Yesterday I bumped into a lady I'd not seen for a while.
"Do you remember coming to our house to photograph my grandson?" she asked.
"I do .." I replied "How is he?"
"Oh, fine .." she said "He's just had a baby of his own!" ..

Long silence! What? That baby is a father? How did that happen? Turns out that original photo-shoot was just over twenty years ago! Twenty? Oh, my giddy! Where have all those years gone?..

I suggested I return to the house and arrange another photo-shoot. The lady giggled, embarrassed, and the friend she was with looked me straight in the eye and said "We can do that on the phone now .."
How times change ..

Friday, 12 May 2017

No time for a lie-in ..

Good Lord, it's just gone two weeks since I last wrote my blog. What a slacker! I've got lots of good excuses, though, so please bear with me ..

The main excuse .. sorry, reason .. for my absence is summed up in today's photograph. Our French gîte is now well and truly up and running, and I've been over to France twice in the last fortnight to tend to its successful upkeep. I must admit it was rather odd to go into what was our pristine new project and see all the signs of it's being used. Beds unmade, coffee pot on the draining board, the smell of cooking in the air. Still, that's what we bought it for, so cause for rejoicing all round. I'm actually off to France again next week to greet our fourth booking, so it's all going really well ..

I have managed to squeeze in a little photography, too. I was up at a lovely place called The Fisherman's Retreat to photograph a Wedding last weekend, and I've shot another house for a local estate agent. I also had a nice picture used by the Times Magazine last weekend, and - a bit of really good news - I've had some great conversations with a couple of my clients, who are committed to carrying on using me to photograph their events, even though I'll be based in France ..

It was great to be back there again this week. It felt like I was on holiday, even though I was really busy. I certainly didn't get time for a lie-in ..       

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Modelling ..

Glamour Photography .. circa 1977! I think it's fair to say I wasn't exactly cutting edge, but it brought a smile to my face when these photographs emerged the other day. Both girls worked in the same office as I did at Gardner Diesels in Eccles - in my pre-photographer days - and I'd obviously persuaded them to pose in order for me to gain some experience in the mysterious world of 'modelling'. How quaint ..

I was shooting a different kind of modelling yesterday. Three dimensional modelling of ear moulds! Not quite the same, eh? I was shooting PR for a firm that makes custom 'ear products' .. noise protection for musicians and such like and, as much as I enjoyed it - and I did, it was a really interesting lighting/posing challenge - I don't think I had that in mind as a nascent photographer all those years ago. Still, modelling is modelling ..

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Michelle's little helpers ..

There was no shortage of help at the Wedding yesterday at Hollin Hall Hotel. The bride's pals were only too happy to dive in and shift lights or straighten veils for me. Thank you, ladies. I just wonder if I should expect to receive an invoice! Many congrats to Michelle and Ben, and check out their page on my website ..

Friday, 21 April 2017

Now you see it ..

I'm writing this on a typical Friday night before a Wedding. I'm charging batteries, cleaning sensors, dusting lenses, formatting memory cards .. all to make sure I'm good to go in the morning. So it was nice that I got a chance to get out this afternoon, walk the dogs, get some fresh air .. and notice all the blossom, already falling to the floor. That's Wedding Photography in a nutshell. A Wedding Day is such a fast moving, fleeting thing that it's vital you have a good photographer to capture the entire feel of the day whilst it's there. Sod this modern "fashion shoot" approach to Weddings. Get in there and get some proper documentary photography done. Sermon over ..

Thursday, 20 April 2017

In floods ..

My nose is running, my car isn't running ..  and a leak in the kitchen has brought down part of the ceiling. I'm in floods ..

I'm suddenly full of a cold that's absolutely knocked me for six, my car's developed an oil leak that's put it in a garage since Tuesday and now a drip from the bathroom (I think) has made a bloody big hole in the kitchen ceiling.
On the plus side, er ..

Well, of course, the plus side is that my cold will be gone by the time I shoot Saturday's Wedding, the car will be ready tomorrow and I've got a mate called Terry who's a plasterer. Sorted. Don't sweat the small stuff, eh?..

Ps: Any excuse to show this archive shot of my cousin fixing my old Fiat 127 .. in his socks!